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Spanish Kits Company | History

1996, a beginning

We were founded with the intention of giving shape to ideas, making projects come true and turning dreams into reality. With one purpose—delivering to people the best way we know how. That is how Spanish Kits Company, a company specialised in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative kits, was founded.

We believe in ideas, especially in those that are capable of changing everything. We’ve learned that details do matter; and without a purpose, it is hard to win. It is the small things that end up being the biggest.

Everyday we work on our kits to make hospital patients’ lives more bearable, to respond to any emergency that is produced anywhere on the planet, and to teach children the importance of adequate daily hygiene.

Confortkits®, Cartay® and TicTacDent® are the brands of Spanish Kits Company. Nearly twenty years of commitment to projects and discovering real solutions. Innovation and passion inspire us day after day, helping to improve people’s lives.

That is how we are at Spanish Kits Company.

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