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Hygiene and wellbeing kits for the homeless

Hygiene and wellbeing kits for the homeless

By invitation of the Belgian Red Cross, Maggie De Block, Secretary of State for Social Integration and the Fight Against Poverty, on 15 January distributed the first 5,000 hygiene and wellbeing kits that will be delivered this winter across the country to homeless people and groups that are especially vulnerable.

Each kit contains all the necessities for daily hygiene, such as toothpaste and toothbrush, sanitary towels, shavers and shaving cream, comb or unbreakable mirror. In Maggie De Block’s words, “the cleaner and better kept a person feels, the easier the journey into social integration”. Social integration is a prerequisite for coming out of poverty.

At Spanish Kits we are keen to support this type of initiative and we are proud that our kits can help with social inclusion.

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