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We have everything under control

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When someone arrives at hospital in an emergency, you need to ensure immediacy and quality of the service that you offer.

Our polyethylene bags enable nursing staff to store the belongings of every patient perfectly identified, with no chance of losses or mistakes.

And as we know that it’s the little ones who handle long hospital waits the worst, we have designed a fun kit with child activity book and coloured pencils.

Bags for emergency room

For patients to store their belongings (clothing, shoes, valuable items) and know where they are at any given time. Chose the model and size that best meets your needs.

EMERGENCY CLOTHES BAG | Polyethylene bag with loop handle for storing and identifying the clothes of patients admitted in emergency.

:: clothes

EMERGENCY SHOES BAG | Polyethylene bag with punched handle for storing and identifying the shoes of patients admitted in an emergency.

:: shoes

EMERGENCY VALUABLES BAG | Envelope-style polyethylene bag with permanent adhesive flap for storing and identifying patients' small valuables such as mobile, jewellery, keys, watch, etc.

:: valuables

Children entertainment kit

The best for keeping the little devils occupied when they get nervous in the waiting room: a children’s activity book and a case with coloured crayons.

RAMSAY SANTÉ CHILD ACTIVITY KIT | 12-page book with pictures and child activities, presented in a personalised bag with 8 crayons in a case.

:: coloring book + crayons