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Spanish Kits Company | Humanitarian aid kits | Equipment

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When a natural disaster occurs or warfare breaks out in any part of the world, thousands of people are mobilised and arrive on the scene to provide help and carry out rescue work in camps, distribute food or carry out other necessary activities.

At Spanish Kits we have designed kits to equip collaborators, volunteers and aid teams with everything they need in order to carry out their work on the ground.

Volunteer clothing kit

A complete rucksack full of useful items for camp technicians: mask, gloves, belt, protective glasses, sleeping bag, windcheater, reinforced shoes, hat…

ALGERIAN RED CROSS VOLUNTEER KIT | Personalised large-capacity rucksack with items of use for volunteers and camp technicians: cap, helmet, goggles, emergency blanket, insulating mat, water bottle, windcheater, sleeping bag, belt, reinforced footwear, gloves…

:: Croix-Rouge Algerien

ALGERIAN RED CROSS VOLUNTEER KIT (MANNEQUIN) | Example of a volunteer equipped with a personalised volunteer kit: trousers, reflective jacket, reinforced footwear, helmet, goggles, windcheater, gloves…