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Access to sufficient food is a basic right that all people should have.

Unfortunately, due to emergency situations that arise in different parts of the planet, many people lack the basic utensils they need to cook.

Our kitchen kits are ideal for producing meals from basic food, ensuring subsistence for families who find themselves in emergency situations.

Family kitchen kit

Manufactured in stainless steel or aluminium, this practical kit contains cups, plates, frying pans, saucepans and cutlery for a family of five. The individual model enables small dishes to be cooked anywhere.

FAMILY KITCHEN KIT | Personalised cardboard box with 2 saucepans, one frying pan, 5 bowls, 5 plates, 5 cups, 5 forks, 5 spoons, 5 knives, a wooden spoon and a kitchen knife.

Kerosene cooking stove

The perfect complement to the family cooking kit, as in addition to its use in preparing and heating food economically it is also a stove which helps to improve people’s quality of life. Includes accessories and operating manual.

KEROSENE COOKING STOVE/OVEN | Kerosene stove with 4 litres of fuel providing some 16 hours of use. Also works as an oven. Includes spare fuse, lighter, spare plug and instruction manual.