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Spanish Kits Company | Humanitarian aid kits | Shelter

Shelter and protection

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Hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons, floods… These natural phenomena can occur without warning and destroy everything in their path, leaving entire populations defenceless.

In order that people affected by these disasters can shelter and rest in acceptable conditions, Spanish Kits has developed a collection of items to protect them from the cold and rain until they can be transferred to a better place.

Mosquito nets

Permeated with long-lasting insecticide, they provide protection from insect bites that can transmit diseases amongst populations affected by natural disasters.

RECTANGULAR MOSQUITO NET WITH LONG-LASTING INSECTICIDE | Rectangular polyester mosquito net permeated with long-lasting insecticide, designed to provide total protection against mosquitos.

Sleeping bags

Comfortable, durable and economical, they enable people to rest either out of doors or in enclosed spaces almost all year round.

MUMMY-STYLE SLEEPING BAG | Mummy-style sleeping bag with 100% cotton lining and polyester ripstop outer, providing warmth and insulation for the user.

:: mummy type

RECTANGULAR SLEEPING BAG | Rectangular sleeping bag made from polyester, presented in a transport case. Ideal for sleeping under cover.

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Ideal for providing protection from the rain or even erecting as an improvised tent in which to sleep in shelter from inclement weather.

REINFORCED TARPAULIN | Canvas tarpaulin for covering and protecting goods against changing weather conditions. Available in various qualities, colours and sizes.