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Spanish Kits Company | Humanitarian aid kits | Water

Something indispensable

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Water is life, and more and more people are lacking it or have limited access to it as a result of warfare or natural disasters.

This is an alarming situation about which we are seriously worried. For this reason, at Spanish Kits we have developed different kits to ensure the supply, responsible consumption and treatment of this resource in affected zones wherever in the world it may be.


Foldable and highly durable, these enable the delivery of drinking water to areas of difficult access. Available in various sizes.

10-LITRE COLLAPSIBLE JERRY CAN | Foldable can with carrying handle and tap, made in translucent polyethylene. Suitable for storing and transporting up to 10 litres of water.

:: 10 L


:: 20 L


A solution to the problem of delivery and conservation of food and water. Choose the model that best meets your needs.

COLLAPSIBLE BUCKET WITH HANDLE | Canvas bucket with metal handle that takes up very little space when folded and holds itself rigid once filled with water (up to 10 litres).

:: collapsible

ROUND BUCKET WITH LID | Round bucket with carrying handle and lid, made from white polypropylene. Available in various sizes.

:: with lid

Water sanitizing tablets

Economical and for individual use, these are highly recommended to prevent the transmission of illness and infection through water.

WATER SANITIZING TABLETS, 10-UNIT BLISTER PACK | Water sterilisation tablets in 10-unit blister packs. Each tablet can sterilise between 1 and 20 litres of water (depending on composition) in 30 minutes.

:: 10 pcs blister pack

WATER SANITIZING TABLETS, 200-UNIT JAR | Water sterilisation tablets in 200-unit jars. Each tablet can disinfect and sterilise 1 litre of water.

:: 200 pcs jar