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Spanish Kits Company | Training kits

Good preparation is the key to success

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Learning today is key for teaching tomorrow. At Spanish Kits we make educational kits tailored to different areas: first aid, nutrition, sexuality, dental hygiene…

Our kits provide people with quality, practicality and good presentation to reinforce their fun and didactic nature so that the people who receive them can learn in the best way possible.

We also offer a personalised service, adapted to different educational areas and materials according to the needs of each individual project.


Rucksack containing first aid and emergency products, for teaching citizens how to react quickly in the face of a natural disaster.

FRENCH RED CROSS TRAINING SURVIVAL KIT | Rucksack with first-aid items needed for disasters: haemostatic bandages, gloves, waterproof bag, emergency blanket, ophthalmic serum, tape, energy bars, notepad, flashlight, mirror, etc.

:: Croix-Rouge Française

Sexual education kit

To train adolescents in the correct use of male birth control and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA SEXUAL EDUCATION KIT | Personalised PVC washbag with demonstration base, packet of tissues, male condoms and instruction sheet explaining correct condom use.

:: Junta de Andalucía



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